How to Become Who You Came Here To Be

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How to Become Who You Came Here To Be


Interesting video. Open up! =)

Paper on Aristotles view on the human connection

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Someone smart from harvard wrote what he thought of Aristotles perspective on the human connection. If you have a clear head and a lot of time, i suggest reading some of it :


Harvard Paper on Aristotles human Connection

aristotle 2 aristotle 3 aristotle 4 aristotle 5 aristotle 6

ProjectUknight – Exploring the Human Connection

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The greatest thing I have found in this life so far is the ability to connect with others. No scientific evidence needed, just a feeling. A feeling shared with my family, close friends, and memorable acquaintances from distant adventures. I have sometimes heard this feeling referred to as love, intimacyattachment, endearment, kindness, empathy, or compassion. This feeling creates an impact on an individual depending on the quantity and quality of the connection received.

I want to take the time to explore the human connection. I’d like gain a better understanding of what enables and hinders our ability to connect to one another.  I read a quote from Einstein that’s really stuck with me, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” In order to gain a good understanding of this concept I believe I should be able to explain it as simply as possible. The goal of this website is to explore the topic and find simple and creative ways to explore and gain a better understanding of this bond.


human connection


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If you dont know what GMOs are deff check out this video!